The MedicAlert Foundation

联系人: Colette Smith

327-329 Upper Fourth Street
Milton Keynes

电话:01908 951044

关于The MedicAlert Foundation

MedicAlert is a non-profit membership organisation. We provide life-saving information services, supported with an internationally recognised medical ID.
MedicAlert offers you much more than just jewellery; our member records adapt to the individual allowing for storage of more complex information such as Advance Decisions, Implant device information, changing list of medications as well as your next-of-kin info to name just a few. Our membership offers peace of mind to thousands of people. In an emergency, first responders will have secure access to your vital medical details, from anywhere in the world.

MedicAlert continues to build strong partnerships with charities that support people with Diabetes, Allergies and Epilepsy. Paramedics and other first responders are also kept up-to-date with news on the service and are regularly reminded of the importance of checking for a MedicAlert disc.

As  a charity all our profits go back to our members through our charitable projects and education resources.