With seventy-three companies spanning seven sectors in over eight territories, and close to 6000 employees.  
Our conglomerate model, which is not only multi-business but also multinational, continues to shield us well from economic and operational volatility.  We are resilient and we have repeatedly shown that we can navigate through tough cycles. 

In 2016, the Group celebrated its 135th Anniversary, a milestone few organisations anywhere in the world are ever privileged to observe and honour.  We contribute significantly to national development, creating traditions and bonds that are inseparable from the fabric of Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean.  Our award winning corporate song called “TOGETHER”, was inspired by our employees and our rich history.

ANSA McAL continues to make significant investments in strengthening its Executive capabilities through its Shaping the Future programme, thereby enabling a shared and deep personal commitment to our Leadership Purpose where:

- We Create and Deliver the Extraordinary
- We Build Esteem, Inspire and Enable
- We are Thought Leaders and Exemplars

Our employees also benefit from educational programmes and continuous professional training in relevant fields of expertise. 
We have long held the view that, as leaders, we must think beyond our own interests to the interests of those we lead and serve, and to the interests of the communities within which we operate.  Even as we strive for continuous investment in our people and infrastructure, we cherish our environment and are pioneers in the recycling industry in Trinidad and Tobago, with our glass container recycling programme originated by our Group company Carib Glassworks Ltd.

We are forever mindful that a successful business must be able to integrate business and employee values.  Our goal has always been to promote a business that is profitable for our shareholders, generates value for our customers and serves as an engine of sustainable development for our country and region.

Through the work of our employees, the ANSA McAL Group remains committed to high standards, sound business principles and practices.

As we grow, we will remain conscious of our duty to serve and strengthen the interests of all our people, our country and our Caribbean region. Together, we are family.