财务会计, 会计师
主要工作职责: 1.按照公司政策和各项财经、税务法规,审核付款单据,和申请人沟通不符点; 2.负责增值税发票的开具、记录和寄送客户; 3.必要情况下,联系客户和供应商; 4.协助月度、季度、年度关账和年度审计工作; 5.协助完成日常财务、税务工作; 6.参与工商、银行、税务等部门的对外联络工作; 7.负责会计凭证和其他财务文件的装订、归档工作; 8.主动、积极完善工作流程; 9.完成领导安排的其他事项。 任职要求: 大学专科以上学历,有助理会计师证书,2年以上同等职位工作经验; 熟悉企业财务核算流程、会计准则和有关财经法规,熟悉国家税收政策 为人正直诚信,工作认真细致、责任心强; 有团队合作精神,有较强的学习意愿和能力、较好的沟通能力和承压能力,较强的组织能力和解决问题的能力; 能用英语交流 (英语4级以上),熟练运用计算机 Word, Excel, Powerpoint, 熟悉ERP软件(金蝶,用友,SAP The accountant will be a member of the regional Finance & Accounting team and will report to the Head of Finance of VON ARDENNE Vacuum Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. The successful candidate will provide reliable and confidential support and will help revitalize our record keeping and organize our day-to-day financial activities. Applicants for this position needs to be detail-oriented and possess strong organizational skills in handling day-to-day bookkeeping. Furthermore, the position requires the ability to multitask and to work in close cooperation with our other accountants and operations personnel. The accountant will be required to carry out the following tasks: •Managing assigned accounting operations based on accounting principles and complying with company policies and local regulations; •Being responsible for the intra-company invoicing process in accordance with intra-company agreements (transfer price policy) •Being responsible for local VAT invoice management: issuing of invoices, following accounting records, communicate with customer accounting department; •Communicating with company internal applicants in case of discrepancies regarding payment requests and supporting documents; •Professional communication with external customers and suppliers if necessary; •Responsible for binding and filing of accounting vouchers and other financial documents; •Assisting in monthly, quarterly and annual statement of accounts, gathering, analyzing and summarizing the required information; •Continuously improving the system and procedures and initiating corrective measures; •Establishing and maintaining an excellent corporate image of VON ARDENNE; •Impeccable attention to detail, confidentiality and diligence; •Showing integrity, willingness and capacity to learn; •2+ years of experience in accounting or a relevant field in a foreign or JV company is a plus; •Advanced knowledge of PC software (Microsoft Office suite, especially Excel, e-mail), familiar with Kingdee software or other accounting software and databases; •Excellent organizational, problem-solving and communication skills; •Ability to prioritize and meet deadlines in a fast-paced business environment; •Very good command of spoken and written English and Chinese is mandatory for this position; Qualifications: You have a college degree or higher and proven experience in financial accounting or an equivalent qualification. You are fluent in English, both in spoken and written language. Speaking German is a plus. Your behavior is customer-oriented, problem-solving and you have an independent work style. Beyond that, you are committed, you can handle stress, and you have a clean and confident appearance.




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