Industrial Controller/成本会计

12-18 万
IT, 制造业
Purpose of position:
To assist the FM in completion of the financial report package on time delivery to Headquarters and related local Authorities. To be sure the proper contribution margin and Cost of Good sold booked. Analyze cost variance and key production indicators such as material usage, scrap, direct labor and production expenses efficiency etc.

Job Responsibilities:
1. Analyze all kind of variances of BOM usage variance, FG backflash variance due to scrap or loss, variance between standard price and actual price. Results of investigation have to be approved by FM or business GM before all the variance booked into proper entry.
2. Trail and record material usage of production, cycle time, scrap, and indirect material utilize efficiencies and so on. Working out monthly key production indicator with operation department and explain the variance between actual and target. Pass it to Finance Analyst for rolling forecast build up and Finance Manager for risks warning.
3. Prepare actual contribution margin of all the products monthly compare with budget/ forecast with GL accountant, realize the variance and pass to financial analyst for rolling forecast updated.
4. Follow up inventory control policies and responsible for sample checking weekly and monthly. Investigate the variance between selected and booked, pass the result to finance manager for warning and management improved.
5. Verify plant industrial cost control, and plant KPI. Each month have the plant KPI checking report.
6. Check the plant fixed assets lower capacity, hold and idle status, discuss and pass the related information to FM for further investigation.
7. Follow up Plant WCM saving calculation, and to be sure the saving in line with P&L.
8. Follow up SMMP Finance data verify, to be sure the ERP system input data correctly. Follow up the SMMP procedure and to be sure the internal control procedure in line with MM Requirement.
9. Other works given by FM.

Job Requirements:
1. University degree or above major in Accounting or Economy; MBA is plus.
2. Understand well PRC Accounting and IFAS Principle, PRC tax laws and Economic regulations;
3. Familiar with ERP software and Hyperion system, as well as MS- PowerPoint using
4. Good team player, strong leadership, excellent apprehensibility and logic sense to provide valuable suggestion and problem solver.
5. Good command of English both in spoken and written;

1. CPA/ ACCA professional certification
2. Management and teamwork skill
3. Leadership build up
4. MS- PowerPoint application
5. Company business procedure understanding especially in ERP system, well know the internal control procedures
6. Other relevant training based on the job requirements