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Accounting & Taxation会计和税务To direct, coordinate and participate in all activities of accounting personnel including but not limited to:指导配合和参与所有会计部职员的业务活动, 包括但不仅限于:- Preparing management reports, financial statements and related accounting reports.准备管理报告, 财务报表和相关会计报告- Receiving, storing, issuing, accounting for, and controlling the costs of food, beverage and general supplies.验收,科存储, 发货, 会计,计算和控制食品, 酒水和总仓物品的成本- Requisitioning needed equipment, materials and supply.To ensure that all accounting reports and financial statements comply with the standards set by Corporate Office, in line with the Uniform System of Accounts for Hotel and in accordance with the Management Agreement.确保所有会计和财务报告符合公司总部的标准,酒店统一会计系统和管理合同。To ensure the accurate and timely preparation and submission of all accounting reports and financial statements. To prepare, or supervise the preparation of monthly closing journal entries and balance sheet and profit and loss schedules. To scrutinize the monthly report, investigate unusual variations and prepare comments to be attached to the report.确保所有会计报表和财务报告即使准确的编制。准备或指导编制月结记帐凭证和资产负债表,损益表的明细. 仔细检查月报,调查非正常差异并附上注释。To compile, together with the General Manager and Heads of Departments, all budgets and forecasts covering all activities of the Hotel; maintain all budget control procedures and prepare cash flow projection; to administer all approved operating plans, including measurement of actual performances, reporting and interpreting operating results to Regional Office and General Manager.与总经理,部门主管一起编撰整个酒店的预算和预估。保持完整的预算控制流程并准备现金流量预算,管理所有批准的运作计划,包括衡量实际业绩,报告和经营结果报告给总部和总经理。To provide accounting data for management decisions.为管理层做决定提供会计数据。To ensure the accounting practices comply with the laws and regulations issued by local authorities.确保会计行为符合地方政府的法律和法规。To analyze and interpret financial statements and accounting reports of the Hotel and individual outlets report to the management.分析和解释酒店及各个部门的财务报告和财务报表给管理层。审计和控制To maintain internal control systems and procedures and continuous audits of all accounts, records and transactions.维护内部控制系统和流程并检查所有的会计记录和交易。To maintain the standard system of internal control over cash and cash items.维护现金及现金等价物的标准内部控制系统系统To administer the IR Department and to ensure that the Hotel's automation systems and its software are fully utilized and properly maintained. 管理信息系统部门并确保酒店的信息系统和软件充分使用和正常维护。Administration管理To implement all Corporate Standard Operating Procedures after taking into consideration of local requirements and to assist the General Manager in the compilation of all departments' written Local Standard Operating Procedures into the Hotel's own In-house Operations Manual.结合地方需求制定所有公司标准运作流程并协助总经理编制各部门的地方运作标准流程并存档在酒店内部运作手册中。Responsible for obtaining the requisite licenses and permits from the appropriate government authorities. To maintain good relations with pertinent government agencies to facilitate the handling of such hotel functions.负责从相关政府机构取得需要的执照和许可证。与相关的政府机构保持良好关系以便利处理这些相关事务。To ensure that all key control procedures, including guest safe deposit boxes and vault are correctly applied and adhered to. 确保所有关键控制流程,包括客人保险箱和备用金正确的使用并妥善保管。Staffing and Training员工管理和培训To manage the staffing of the Accounting Department, liaising closely with Director of Human Resources and with approval of General Manager. Staffing management involves the selection, employment, supervision, transfer, review, promotion and dismissal of individual within the Accounting Department.管理财务部的员工, 在总经理的批准下与人力资源部密切配合,员工管理包括选择,雇佣,管理,调转,评估,提升和解雇财务部的员工。To ensure that all accounting personnel have thorough knowledge of their job descriptions; job rotation within the Accounting Department is developed and to implement appropriate training programs in computing, accounting and finance in conjunction with the Training Manager and to develop department trainers in the Accounting Department.确保所有财务部员工了解各自的工作职责, 通过在财务部内部工作轮换,与培训经理配合完成适当的培训课程,如电脑,会计,财务,并培养财务部的训导师。OthersTo respond to the changes in departmental functions as dictated by the industry, the company or the hotel.适应由于行业, 公司或酒店规定的变化而调整部门功能。To provide courteous and professional service and to maintain good working relationship with all hotel associates.与酒店所有同事提供得体和专业的服务并与之保持良好的关系。To have a complete understanding of the hotel associate handbook and to adhere to the regulations contained therein.完全理解酒店员工手册并严格执行相关规定。To have a complete understanding of the hotel policies relating to fire, safety and hygiene.完全理解酒店关于防火,安全及卫生规定。To carry out any other duties and responsibilities as assigned.完成其他被分配的工作及责任。




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